A Woman Was Crying After She Got a Note from Stranger


Parents always strive to make children’s lives better and continue to do that until their last breath. The sacrifices they make for their kids are innumerable. Some women can even starve themselves so their children can eat when they have no money to feed themselves.

The situation that happened a few days ago at a local IKEA Restaurant can’t leave you unfazed. So get comfortable and have a look!

It was a sunny day and Lucas decided to taxi in a local IKEA restaurant to have a cup of coffee and his favorite sandwich. He had an important business meeting today, which he simply couldn’t miss, but first, he decided to have his launch. After he received the order, his eye fell on a woman, standing in the corner of the room. He realized that this lady was waiting for someone there. At a glance, it was an ordinary woman, but Lucas noticed pain in her eyes. Black circles under her eyes showed that she was too washed out. 

Time passed by, but the lady was still waiting… Lucas decided to order a third cup of coffee when he saw a strange man with a little boy coming to the restaurant. A woman came in to that man and told: “I’m waiting for more than one hour. Where have you been?” Seemed like a man didn’t hear her. Then she asked him again: “Could you give me money? All I have is enough for his breakfast”. But the man became even angrier and cried: “F…k you, starve!” After that, he went out.

It is really hard to imagine what she was thinking about. After becoming a mother, a woman’s life is centered around her little joy. No one knows who the dad of this boy is but her look is self-explanatory – she was alone mum. 

A woman kissed her son and came up to the bar counter. She ordered a milkshake and the Timbits for her beloved son. Unfortunately, she couldn’t buy anything for herself. The barman told that she had only 37 cents on her balance. So she took her order and occupied the nearest table. 

But she was so hungry that she asked her little boy: “Hunny, can mummy have a Timbit?” So she took a nibble.

Lucas saw this woman and his heart gave a leap. He remembered his childhood when his mother was left alone and needed money to feed him and his brother. It was so familiar situation for that man! So he came up to the bar counter again and ordered two breakfast sandwiches, coffee and large oatmeal. But he didn’t want her to know that all these dishes were from him. So Lucas wrote a short note, put it into the envelope together with 2 fresh $50 bills. 

But what did Lucas write in this note? Why did he do that?

The cashier took the tray with the food and the note and gave it to that woman. 

The woman asked: “Who bought this?” But when she read a note she understood everything. She started crying because she couldn’t believe that a stranger decided to help her. The note said: “Keep your head up and never give up. You CAN. You Will!”

After they finished their meal, they came up to Lucas. She said “Thank you”, but he made as if he didn’t understand what she meant. But Lucas winked to a small boy and wished him a good day!

We decided to share this awesome story with our readers because it is really worth your attention. What do you think about this? Have you ever faced the same situation?

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